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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My open dairy1

Today 23feb 1109pm. I though of pen down my hard felt burden for myself. This day is also the day where my friends came back from Brisbane. They where sharing about their memories moment as well as some very visionary plans. What capture me was on their objective of entire trip. At that moment while we where having a meal, I just felt that my friend have started to grow up in every expect of their life. They have their plan for the futher. Very visionary challenging, Godly knowlegable n  skillful oriented. How bout me? I ponder... When can I really manage well of all those area too. When can I get sucessful?  I started to feel jealous over it. But praise to my God almighty, I just felt that my mentality was wrong. I have sin! How can I be jealous? For my plan is all under God control. He had a plan for me to get prosper too in all expect of my life. Give thanks n be greatful of what I have n who I am built. for my plans is not your plans declare the lord. Plans to prosper u n give you a hope n great futher. Now this is my slogon "forcus your course on the star n not on the light of the ships that is passing by the sea." maybe i have just slide off I need to be more patience thankful greacious n helpful at all times. No one I felt to talk bout it but only God. More to come n share hope it encourage n not discourage.  

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12:22 AM

Monday, September 07, 2009

Come join me with This Mission

A mission of possible.

There are so many mission on earth, but which one is more meaningful?
Which one YOU decided to choice?

Is conquering the world by foot more meaningful?
conquering your most exciting sports more meaningful?

Or... conquer to save the lost soul by sharing the gospel as soon as possible.

When u start serving u will know what your heart yearn for, longer seeking on.

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2:00 AM

A Harvest Awaiting Camp

4 August

Story A: That day was a 300m marksman shoot with a riffle. Its a very sunny day, waiting under a big shuttle with only long benches, white board and a few fans... It was around 7-8pm already. We have been there from 0530hrs. We where all feeling board and wear out, but a topic just arise!!! A topic of (Christ). A sharing between Chinese miracles and the truth of a real reality of God (The history and sight) to a platoon mate. As i was sharing, one of my none.b mate that i had been sowing for times, join into the conversation. He was totally agree with my sharing about Christ and event try to share the bible revelation sight that is happening now on earth. He try to convince, express extravagantly. He knows who is the true God! Wow that amaze me... Now the one i'm sharing with, his mindset have open a bit not being too negative about Christ.It jut suddenly make my day more meaningful.

To be continue...

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1:08 AM

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My 2008 Journey with God

Our Hope Endures - Natalie Grant (Illustrated) - Click here for more home videos

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11:03 PM

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My 3 New Year Resolution :

1) What ed to shine in army. Be the head not the tail.
Eventually i though of "chou gei" but after hear ed a very simple spiritual life encouragement from Donald i Change my mind. I want to be more Christ like.

2) Learn to plan my finance better.
3) Relate with more Tertiary student guide them well.
Christ had give me a talent i need to make use of it. After so many years of searching/ exploring.... Now i know my path for Christ much clearer.Thank God!

Today I'm suppose to meet my one of my sheep.. we had already confirm before hand but sad to say... he didn't or maybe forget or too busy to reply back. hmmm.... this makes me concern. I had 15 contacts on my hand... today support to call them all one by one. Though that i could not have the time. but now i did! Praise God!!!! for giving me this time. Maybe it's good that i didn't manage to meet my sheep, so that i could do my sowing which i use not to have the time. I can see how my God is so true in my life direct me plan for me. =) Opportunity shall learn to grasp hold of it.

Guess what?!? I'm going to meet 4 diff contacts for sowing one day all a go. understand?? all 4 contact at diff timing at night. This is going to be very challenging and interesting for me. Tml I'm going to meet 2 contact. so all in all for this week I'm sowing on 6 people. I'm so proud of myself coz God can use such a person like me(busy, no confidence,tired) too. wow! Christ is in me and he live with me this is always so true.I'm learning how to shine brighter for him....

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10:57 PM

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This is the "Best of the Best" award
(spacial extra award)

To the one that desire most with God. How had been a good worrier in Christ to fight a good year. With a positive look and show a good character to grow in humility.(samson)

This is the
He have learn not to give up despite failure in follow up. Me is not a shame of failure. The greatest hope is in him. He always believe that God is in control.
(Chen Wei)

Of course this is the easiest to understand award:
(The "Most Loving" Follow upper)

He love others more then he love himself. Going extra mile to care and concern.

can u see a cow?? That's right!!
(The "Most Faithful" award)

He serve with his talent. He serve with willingness. He will finish his task good and on time when promise. Good planner.

This is the "Welcome Gift"

Our Visitor in Cg.
Praise God!

Those are the ppl that had been a very great servant in Christ in the cg. A way to award them. so how's yours?? lets share our ideas! I would really want to use creative ways to show great appreciation to ppl.

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11:48 PM

My FamiLy

onight I'm gonna talk about my family.. a family that God had let me born in. R u interested? if u r get ready to know more...

I'm so thankful to God for placing me in a good environment. After getting into church, i had got changes to take a look at diff ppl life.

In the past, i had a lot of difficulty communicate with my dad. Difficulty to relate a close relationship with my family. A lot of words in my heart that i would like to express out to them, but i fail due to fear, a shame and see no purpose.

Even after accepting Christ, things get worst.... they get even much away from me. our understanding with one another get no close. even until my aunt need to step into be the centre man to send hard felt feeling to each other. My mum and Dad did tear a lot of times... but today i just wanna say it is so much worth it. After a look back, actually i see that God is always in the picture. He is trying to build my character and i get to know that it takes time to see good result in family board.

Today, i get to have a changes to talk to my dad every morning, even we got our "Very busy!!!" schedule. I woke up, he just reach home and i need to go for my attachment. When he goes to work, i just reach home or even later. This doesn't got to draw us far! I thank God that now i can See that my dad will prepare breakfast ready for me before i head to school. we will grasp ever chance to talk. Not just that, with the pastry skill that i had been bless, there will use to have birthday cakes for my mum or dad or event other ppl in the family, that is done by me. haha! Jealous??

My sister and i will use to buy things for each other after we get back from over sea. My brother and i will use to talk about high technologies staff or even intro places with nice food. ( But we will tent to compete with one another)hehe..

O ya and one of my mashes thing i had ever did is to write a lettle to my dad about how much i love him (In Chinese words) XP So how about U? Let use really treasure and pray for our own family that God will bless the time we had with one another. Pray for things that have not happen to happen. Have faith N BELIEVE!!

Now my target is to bring them to accept Christ, to get an understanding about Him. pray for my family. Thanks=)

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11:05 PM

Monday, September 08, 2008

A reminded lesson

Today came across this lesson:

In the course of leading in ministry, we will come across 4 kinds of volunteers. We need to know who they are, so we can lead them carefully to ensure effective mobilization for Great Commission impact.

Volunteer with Heart (but little Skill).
Don't give up these people. They have the heart and its reflected in the promises and things they want to know and do. They perhaps lack the skill and often self discipline to match their enthusiasm. Treasure them as they are with you in the same journey together. Their lack needs our encouragement and our belief in them to overcome. They will often appreciate it if we can take ownership of our influence over them and work through those problems with them with care. With heart, skill will usually come with time. We need to be there for them to teach and show them the way.

Volunteer with Skills (but little Heart)
People with skill is great to have in the team as they add value immediately to the ministry. If they do not have heart, it'll just mean that they will be harder to get along or work with. But don't be in such a hurry to address their heart to the extent that their skill is not acknowledged and they are not celebrated as persons. Heart and character change is a long term process and requires partnership with God. You have to be patient with them and pray with/for them.

Volunteer without Heart and without Skill.
What? We may just rule them off. Why are we wasting our time? Maybe they are not hopeless but they are just without hope. When we involve them in ministry, we have a shot at helping them to be instruments for God. It's a hope we can give them and its worth a shot. Their doors do not open on first knock, we have to be patient and keep knocking. Maybe they are in the wrong role. If so,facilitate to help them find a more suitable role.

Volunteer with both Heart and Skill
They will be Great instrument of God. Just get out of the way.

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7:30 PM

Friday, September 05, 2008

Cell phone vs. Bible

Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat
our cell phone?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?

What if we flipped through it several time a day?

What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?

What if we used it to receive messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?

What if we gave it to Kids as gifts?

What if we used it when we traveled?

What if we used it in case of emergency?

This is something to make you go....hmm...where is my Bible?

Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill.

Makes you stop and think 'where are my priorities? And no dropped calls!
P.S. DO WHAT YOU THINK GOD WOULD WANT YOU TO DO WITH THIS EMAILTrust in the Lord and *ASAP (Always Say A Prayer)Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Knock, Knock I knocked at heaven's door this morning. God asked me...'My child, what can I do for you?' And I said, 'Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message.' God smiled and answered...'Request granted'.

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11:37 PM

Saturday, May 24, 2008

This morning... Saturday i had been told to go to Serangoon sec with my sir and madam. I was very looking forward for it. Now a chances for me to achieve something, but i just don't know how to do it. I had long time looking forth to be the salt and light in my working place. I just tell God every time that he would use me to reach out for my school(Shatec).

Without hesitation, during the half time of the session, I was given a chance to teach. Immediately i took the challenge. Step out by faith, without knowing what's gonna happen. After a day long lesson, i finally make it!! I was so surprise of what i had done. Indeed my sir and madam started to affirm what i had done. May be next time this kind of teaching will handle it for me to do it. Yes!! i know it was God I knew that He is always hearing my voice. As i preserver on looking forward for God to answer me.

Even my school director came down to the production kitchen to affirm me. Now i would just hope that my reputation in school will change. So that when i start to share the gospel ppl will be welling to listen and not taking it as a joke. I just pray that God you would use me more so that ppl may approach me more for me to have a chance to bring them to you. =)

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7:55 PM

Monday, April 21, 2008

20 old age on E 20 April of E year start with 2

Today Sunday Looking forward for what gonna happen.. It's a good day indeed as i know that it's my Bird-Day =D. Went with Ace, Joel, Chen Wei & Kelvin to a Japanese's Spagatti Restrant. 20 over of choices. I'm tempted with lots of noodles, as spagatti is one of my Fav food. Except tomato flavor..... I'm a bit sick with "tomato".... haha!!! After Ace arrived, we went to the America Restrant.... The whole day is full of food!!!! Did you notice it?? haha!!

This year Bird-Day, i though getting 4 cakes... BUT why?? R u curious with me too.... hmm... Coz as every year comes i saw the cakes i received is increasing.... Cakes means to me as love, remembrance, honour & friendship. Just don't know why though of wanting to break the record. But this year almost till the end of the day, i had not even received 1. Wow!!! It was indeed one of the "record breaking" for me... i think.... LOL!!!

But i was wrong. At about 10.45++ pm finally i saw my first cake appearing... any not even a 100g cake appearer in front of me!! but... i saw my surrounding ppl were more then 100g heavy. Don't get me wrongly. Its not about their weight but is the weight of their loving heart gave me a very wonderful and most precious give of the day. =) Jorris, Stwart, cedric, Xue Zhen and some other more were there too. Sp,Tp, Ns, Nyp,Rp... looks like every unit gathering for CG. LoL!!

most Joyful, is that i saw ppl that i would really want to see during this day... ppl like Stewart, Chen Wei, Joriss, Cedric, Xue Zhen... almost over joy if Samson, my whole CG, Mei hwa & Wei Hong, Xue Ting is there... Some of them might not be ppl that i always spend alot of time with but they are the ppl really went through alot for me... ppl i treasure/concern . After all, I notice that , this is one of my most memorial Bird-Day too. What i saw is more then cakes itself. Without a cake i can still see love, remembrance, honour & friendship. PPl to me is very important... Saving ppl to me is more important. I had a great time fellowship with them.. I would like to thank God of the ppl that came over.... I know that Jesus love me and he know me the best more then any other ppl!!!

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8:11 PM

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Nothing can express much

Recently as I read through some of the blog..... there are some blog that really can encourage me alot to move on with God more faithful. I would like to afirm their never say die spirit... despite trial and error in life, they have learn much to move on with God more strongly then been emotional or cursing, blaming about God. They grow so silently and they are the ppl who i think I can follow and move on with... They took initicative to search for a closer understanding with God. They even evaluate themseleve and being humble to admit their weakness and decided to change immediatly for God. They are strong man of God!!! Hope u too will get inspired by their sharing in their blog... be strength and encourage.....

Here are the bogging:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008(Two short weeks)

The Time Has Come....(11:46 PM)

Today when im on my way home after a tired work attachment, in the bus i dream alot with GOd's ministry... When i woke up, I felt so reflesh.. and i felt that i have never make the wrong chose to continue to follow him in spirt and in truth. I started to be awaken in my spiritual mind and soul. I felt my burden, concern was re-leave. I believe that the Holy spirit had work through me today.... and always forever. Recently I felt so diffcult to send time with God.. so difficult to forcus with him.. I had a stragger and I push myself alot just not to give up my spiritual birth right with God...I prayed and prayed.... Indeed I saw myself over come the challenge. I feel like wanting to read more.. seek more.. search more... expirent more.... with God. I'm very excited for what's coming ahead eventhough it seems unclear yet. Lets start to pray for one another and i believe it did help alot... God will never short change you and me when we decieded to move on with our life and allowing God to do all kinds of wonders, accepting his challenge in life even when we started to face our darkest hour time.....Amen. =) im very happy now... don't get things wrongly, i didn't come back from any fun fellowship or going some place that is fun to write this blogging.. But I had just came back with a walk with God in his heavenly Kingdom... I pray that you will expirence this kind of refreshment too with God and start to change for his great plan for the world to see his day coming.... =D

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7:13 PM

Friday, February 22, 2008

Funny happening with God as i grow......

last time as i was a young believer, i ask my shepherd... omnipresent means that the holy spirit also in the water bottle la...

i don't know why my shepherd laugh... I'm very serious about the question i ask but now i know.

lol... I love funny happening things as i grow...

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1:15 AM

Thursday, February 21, 2008

From GOD

If you wander off too far, my love will get you home.
If you follow the wrong star, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If the bright lights blinds your eyes, my love will get you home.
If your troubles break your stride, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If you ever feel ashame, my love will get you home.
If its only you to blame, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home

If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home

Boy, my love will get you home
Boy, my love will get you home

To: James

it got me home
12:11 AM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

James + God

This few years of journey with God had not been easy... Taking a rest with Jesus during the journey is very important... Sometimes I tried to take a nape, just want to forget all the disappointed area in life, but it didn't work for me. I have told God before if my life is going to affect others, do bring me out of his leadership. I don't want to be like David, during 3 quarter of his journey with God, he started to be unfaithful to his promise. I had finally started my attachment. I can really difference shape the world and The Kingdom of God much better. Thank God that he had told me how to love my emery and treat them well. This year i had went to the LC held at KL... It's i very refreshing moment for me. I feel more of wanting to fly with God in all my direction and plan. I had learn on my first teaching:

- Loyalty to ppl comes first before i can involve them to serve.
- I must see the value of loyalty
- remember to keep on reminding each other about God's covenant.

2nd teaching:

- Loyalty is a chose of our heart.
- Loyalty is with action in continually (not half hearted)
- It is to be express.

3rd teaching:

- God confirm my loyalty(Eg: Job)
- Do not be self confidence (Eg: Peter)
- In order to have more seed soul out, i need to do/ depend on God more.
- God's kingdom is growing, I need to move quick.
- God want to increase me, even there is problems.

4th teaching:

- Talk something that make sense because anointed ppl do that.

5th teaching:

- Attitude in loyalty . see the good not the fault more of a member

6th teaching:

- Patriarchate leaders and pastor

Over all God want:

to increase me help me even though this difficult time
me to go to him more in order to solve the issue
me to let go and let him handle.
me to know that loyalty come first involve love, value, willingness and devotion.

This year my forcus will be all expect in life... to build back a trust worthy son, a loyalty man, good example in school/family/social. without all this true testimony, I'm nothing at all, i can't say that i'm follow Jesus if there is no character and attitude change. I need to learn how to bring up the good name of God. Not to disgrace it, not to ruin away.

Now nothing seems to be moving... no amazing story... no new revival... in my heart. I feel very still... But i can see that my most treasure God is moving.... he actually heal me on my bold leg, let me see new members, let me feel that i'm love.

This year Chinese New Year, i had done a bake cheese cake for me uncle family, after a long 1 year of promise to him. I felt glad that i had done the right choice.. Y?? my uncle saw my loyalty to serve the family... This year Chinese New Year have been very worthy i had grape opportunity to talk with my uncles and aunts into their life. I have learn to be part and not to be a part. respond more, talk more, help more is the key.

I had though that i have not been a good shepherd... It seems like i don't know how to care for them... not able to guide well in their Spiritual life.. Have i really affected them.... i have really no answer to this.. I wanna learn, i wanna grow God. I'm not superman or batman.. my wisdom got its limit. I need leader's guidances. I'm tired of talking....

Poly/DI camp is coming.. . but i will not be able to attend all session.. attachment makes me tired. but it helps to mold me in my patience...

Now how i really feel is like the song "Divine exchange".... All I want to do now....

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7:53 PM

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


wow.. busy busy.. no time to blog.. even now tml got to ware up at 4.45am everyday now even sat. Sunday off. Thats for the daily refreshment from the LORD which means lots to me. I will post better when i got the time.

it got me home
12:48 AM

Friday, November 02, 2007

Up dates on latest SOW....

Today in my working school hotel kitchen, i bake brownies! Yes its a successful produce. I started to use baking as one of a connection brigh with ppl. Guess wat?!?! today there is another guy came and talk to me. I'm felt very glad coz i'm able to sow on one more person which i believe its going to relate well. Ha I believe that is God who lift me up by showing christ likeness. I'm having outing with the korean girl and one of the guy "Jun Hong" recently i get to blog and 2 more of my friends for an sowing time next weds. I know that we gonna have a good time. God help me to use the time meaningfully even while im enjoying with them for a meal and more. I can see that my visitors and conversion is coming soon... Be a great impact!!!!

IM EXCITED!! so do u??

it got me home
1:15 AM



200g Oreo cookies, removed filling and pressed into crumbs
165g melted butter


Ingredients A:
250g fresh cream
¼ tsp mango essence

Ingredients B:
3pcs gelatine sheets
60g boiling water

Ingredients C:
150g mango juice ( or any other juice also can)
25g lemon juice

Ingredients D:
500g cream cheese
150g icing sugar

* 22cm spring form tin with removable base *

1. Combine oreo biscuit crumbs and melted butter mix well with hand.
2. Press into cake tin base evenly and bake for 2-3mins at 180 degrees then take out.
3. Whisk Ingredient A at medium speed till creamy, chill in the fridge
4. Dissolve gelatine in boiling water, leaves to cool
5. Mix Ingredient C (mango juice and lemon juice)
till well combined, for use later
6. Beat cream cheese and icing sugar till light and fluffy
at medium speed
7. Mix in mango juice mixture at low speed
8. Add cooled gelatine mixture and mix well
9. Combine whisked fresh cream evenly in 3 additions
10 Pour cheese mixture into cake tin with biscuits base,
chill in the fridge best chill overnight.

Spacial ingrdients like gelatine sheets can be found at "Phoon Huat shop".

See now u can also do yourself.
All the best ACE. =D

it got me home
12:48 AM

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My day with my school it seems have become more and more intresting and good to use more time for God... My work schedule should be from 12pm to 8pm. But now my Sir so good that he relise me at 7pm + additional 1hour45mins break, im like just work for 5 hours per day. I get to spend my time very will too. 1hour 45mins break time, during my first 2 days i try to relate but it doesn't really work so well. I wanna get ppl number,, good respond ppl!!! Indeed today is better, get along with one korean gal Buddisiam, one indian gal Malaysian and one 18 old boy Singapore. They ask for my number sia. I felt so excited.. wow!! Y?? coz got new friends liao ha! and also more friend to be able to sow on. Contacts they are all called as my friend and must be close. This coming sunday i maybe getting back to Sentosa again... y again?? (coz i had just went there 2 times last 2 weeks) with this new friend i had made with today. ha. He looks so excited to talk about it with me. Im excited too. im... really... looking forward to see active cg happen. New ppl new younger leaders! cool and intresting.

Today everyone in the kitchen was so happening. After baking for Sir and the kitchen staff to eat. My first cook that was finally strongly affirm! The kitchen was really fire up!! weee!!! I felt so pround that Christ charater was shine out right and bright in me. I was use by God!! I use my time wisely find time talking with ppl. Im joyful =D

God I count apound U always!!!!
A better day tml.

I wannna see your joyful face too while serve the LOrd too guys


it got me home
11:13 PM


Not long ago, i had a tag with a bro who have some qus about blogging a blog. Like:

a. Is a blog must be blogging about ourseleve??
b. Must it be always blog about the day??
c. For serious personnal expression??

to me my conclusion is:

If your blogging helps other to get inspired for God/ to grow why not.. haha (Im really happy being able to blog in my new campagim "SOMETHING NEW??") but i dont think its good to blog for seeking attention. =D

so how's your say??

it got me home
10:47 PM

Monday, October 29, 2007


Here we go.. guys "something new??" is my new blog campaigm. Promoting new ideas, new ways of blogging. EG:Baking recipes, apologetics, teaching notes,How to bake??, What is Gin make from??, etc. If you would like to:

2.Get somethings
3.Share somethings

or even...

3.Talk about sometings

feel free to tag in out on my "TALK"....

and if i can provide it for you, i will reply and up date on the blog for you ASAP.

Lets start to share.

Learn N grow together.


If i dont know anything i may ask from you too..hehe

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11:51 PM

Saturday, October 27, 2007


this is wat i had went through today which i think its intresting...

prov 24: 11

prov 24: 17-18

prov 24: 29

Prov 27: 1-2

explore and be inspired.. thats all fox for today.


it got me home
12:10 AM

Friday, October 26, 2007


School is great! It’s a school of revival... today manage to ice break in to the lifestyle of my campus. Get to reach out to DCS "Diploma in culinary". They r in did very serious ppl when comes to cooking sia. We use to exchange each other for food sia... haha...today i got a wounderful n beautifully made staff meal... Japanese cousin!!! Tempura, soft shelf crap, niri sushi...etc... Walo dam full... =0 they are cool ppl... im still trying to relate more with them. HAHA... so i can also get extra food everyday...lol JK.

In order to be a survivor in school... connection is very the important... I can't imagine myself still doing sow after might night with the hotel management cum tourism too... I just want to say that I had a great time with God's ppl. Indeed it’s challenging and FUN!! Ha-ha... U feels it?!?!!!!

it got me home
1:09 AM

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Im i good
Im i??

Ans: NO

Correct Ans: God lives in me - YES!!

I prophesy??

Confirm! by leaders, ppl who was prophesy, God.

I need to be sensible to God.

I though of more idea to lead the group?

A bit more

I wanna excite ppl....

my passion

I'm excited!!

WOW!! IM IM!!!!!!!! =D

But time should have given more...
more correct timing...

I wanna more..

More leaders leading

More guiding...

More of God's Spirit.
more and more



Help me pls

pls correct me


it got me home
2:37 AM


I got lots of photo wanna share...

but my process too slow..

i wanna show u my:
EC Plating, Mission happening, my core team boys, my love ones around me....

I feel like sleeping...

Its a sleepy week..
Wat i got to work from 8am till 10pm???

My dearest EC is really giving me no rest...HAHA

but.... great enjoyment, great time, great food, great fellowship!!!!

Still can move still can "tahan" for God!!!

I LOVE THE LS camp..

I'm renewing a lot.

I miss my CG

Miss my sheep

Miss God

Thank God

That’s all



it got me home
1:53 AM


Im back...

happy for myslef to be back...

Its not easy to be back...

I lost my hard drive cost 100 more.

I lost my basketball cost 100 more too.

I lost my teaching.

I lost my tag box.

I lost excitment.

i lost i loss...

Thank God for what he had let me go through..

I'm still with him to serve yeh!!

Dont wanna look back

just wanna move forward to catch up with Jesus...

Thank God for showing grace and mercy for me..

I felt enough.

God shared a new vision for a new term

I saw young leaders rising up.

more and more young one was prepared.

Builing strong in the wine skin.

More groups breaking out in diffirent course and campus.

great happening in the CG.

We are all enjoying......


I'm less worried.

more depending on God.

Wanna learn more new staff.

wanna improve myself.

wanna extand myself.
wanna wanna...

praise God

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1:22 AM

Sunday, October 07, 2007


I’m glad to say that this trip was not a waste. God had greatly impact me with a simple heart of leaving on this earth. I had learned about being poor and rich. The poor are the most blessed people then the rich. The poor have a simple minded mind which does not let them easily drift away from God. Looking at the rich people (eg: Singapore) there can be a lot of temptation and comfort that may drift us away.

I had learned to be more like the poor, treasure and knowing the bible is very important. It is the key to set me free, by knowing the truth/promises to leave a faith filled life. The word of God has so much for me to explore. I started to love the bible more, because it’s a way to know God’s more. Holy Spirit had been a very suspicious God for me. He would what me to have trust and in him. I had applied trust and faith in out reaching, when I collapse and as I make decision during the trip.

God had let me learn to adept in a hot weather. As it is not easy to serve God when our body not feeling comfortable. I had greatly experience God when I was affected by the environment there, as my hands was badly swollen with lots of mosquito bit and fever coming my way during the second day. It was so amazing I’m the only one that gets all those symptoms. I had learn to trust God and give thanks in every expect. Indeed God is a marvelous God he heal me in his right time. He a sure my faith and trust in him by blessing a convert within a shot sharing and getting to know the life of the tertiary brother and he church problems.

When we trust and have faith in him he will bless. God is a promise God. I have even known that every faith and trust we have with God, he will surely test us first. It’s only after the test and you still believe have faith in him, you will be able to see the blessing that he had already prepared for you. My objective for this trip was full filled. Using whatever gifting God has blessed me with to bless the church (Malacca).To go and experience different culture to come out from the comfort zone to serve in different ways. A clearer vision, and go all the way down to feel for people. I really can’t believe how God had used me. It’s an assurance that He still love me even I’m not perfect.

Pic N Video will be up dated soon...
Its something that u will not regrate to wait for. HAHA!!!

To Be continue....

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3:09 PM

Inspiring Video?!?!?!

R they really figthing?? or r they just playing??
Why no one stop???
Its not fun to play with it (NC 16)

Wat a great viatnam Traffic... The great world for BIKES!!!(PG)

This is ART!!! COOL!!(PG)

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Finally I'm back in posting..
I regraded..
Really regraded why i didn't felt to blog for a pride of season....
God thank you for bring me back.

If u are interested in my testimonial, do scroll down the blog to see the up dated post.

There where *8 NEW* post, posted not long ago. As well as today one too!! haha!!

Enjoy your visit here..

Rejoice and be rejoice with the Lord =)

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Today water baptism was a very tiring day for me. Morning i need to go for my car practice. after that i need to go and do school project with my project mates. After that i receive a call from ministry to sing for water baptism. they are short of ppl, so without hesitation i went. We practice and prepare. Then i spend a long day with my CG member. After a group bonding, i had spend time to listen to phone calls from my cg ppl. hmm.. big problem but it was able to solve it with God's help and guidance. "Bring his word into heart and not just on our mouth", Plan timetable. Yet I'm still enjoying the day i had went through. ha ha!! Actually i was angry with myself durng a small duration, when i blust out my anger as there where no cab for me to go water baptism.. Almost got to get angry with God, but thank God in the end i didn't. HA! lol I know i had done wrongly and came back right after a few mins. hmm.. God thanks.. i understand. "Kenneth Desmond and Zi de" congrates for a new life they have from God.

photos gonna come in a few days time...

Do keep track from this posting if u r intrested......

Ha! more to talk about it

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11:18 PM

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rejoice and lets get rejoice... Today is my turn to do ministry again. pretty nerves, coz i felt God's gonna do something. I'm so excited to sing out with joy bring God's Joy yap!! ha ha! Wowow!! ha! today practice i brake out in harmonising the songs, but yet it was a failure. My spiritual ministry leader come and tell me it was very near getting it but sill can't do it fully she ask me to sing Melody and i obeyed. hmm.. i know that more practice and listening i need to do. The great success of today singing i think is not about how i sing but to me i think is about looking at myself able to accept failure. I had never and will never tried to harmonise at the very last practice coz i always though that i will affect the spiritual ram. Yet indeed i really thank God for giving me a great courage to sing out by faith. I know it coz, god had send ppl to affirm me. Today the sound ministry came and tell me that i finally never out of tune. I felt so thank full to God. I had finally improve one step better. It was a very great encouragement for me to work hard even better for the kingdom. And today my DMM had a new member joining, we have a good talk the goal we had is united. Praise is to the Lord most high!!! ya!! Today even holy spirit baptise a new brother. he finally would willingly submit his whole life to God (Jesus) I felt so glad. The spirit really move during the spiritual baptise. The NB (Desmond) share to us that he felt so energetic after the baptism. I think its the obedience he have welling heart with great faith in God that's why God blessed him with great strength. He share that he would actually like to have strength to play tennis and he said that he felt very power up after it. Thank God for miracles. Our God(Jesus) is a very loving God. Rejoice and let be rejoice. Today i share my pizza with my Coreteam and my leaders too. hmmm.. they love it you know haha!!! Finally i brought my product. Rejoyice and be rejoice in the Lord.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

It was dam sad .. today my dad notice that my aunt lend me money. Even i told him whats the money for, but yet it was still rejected. I got to return back the sum of money back to my aunt.. as i send her a email about it but she yet to reply.

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12:22 AM

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Study seem to be a very challenging life to me. I had been attracted to do more in order to learn for the better future in God's kingdom. I would like to provide food for Church event like camp's, water baptism and many more. What i can help i will try. It can really help the church to save more then cattier a lot of food outside. I would very like to thank God. GOD thanks for the creativity wisdom you gave me!! HAHA!! Humble.. yes that's right humble too. During the Chinese new year, before my aunt going to fly back to China to do his mission for the Kingdom, we had a wonderful talk. Every time i saw my aunt, she seem to be my mum very caring and loving mummy. HA! I want to thank God that he let me able to expand my skill. My aunt gave me a huge sum of money( to other maybe small but to me i think is huge) to experience, explore, learn in baking. I had plan the objective of this sum of money should be only be use:
1) for my skill practice
2) Earn extra income (pocket money, hp bills)
3) Experimental (Related skill i learn)
4) Learn budgeting
5) Learn market research
6) Learn Keeping record
7) Learn getting feed back form
8) Build relationship (family, friends)
9) outreach

I think i need to go and do research on every ppls brith date and the market cake prise, and making referance. hmmm. Big project. Hope it will not affect my study and ministry.

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10:35 PM

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Today it was a great joy. It has been long to see new life save. This NB (Desmond) his heart had been very heard heard ed for God. His heart was separated believing in serving 2 master. That was the pass. But now he have a new life in Christ!! yapi!! I am glad that he had be welling to allow God, believing in him to make a change for him. Believing in serving 1 master and no longer 2. CLM was a very long time that i had not attended after the last meeting we had in year 2006. Today i saw my shepherd in the meeting i felt so happy. Her smile on her face brings joy to me. Indeed i still treasure her. ha. Today i felt very excited very rejoice. Why? coz i had finally bake a cake on my own. The joy is UN explainable. I'm very happy on my product. Actually would like to bring it to share with my leaders coz she had not seem/ eaten any of my product yet. I would like to share my joy with them but the cake brings me down. It was a butter cake. If i really bring it, the cake will had already been out of shape. I'm looking forward to share with them.

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10:34 PM

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Today i mat a new guy(Dennis). He seems to be very quit. BUt i was totally wrong. I ask him along to do pratical with me. God is good enough. HE helps me to build a bond with this boy very well. we blend together like apple and orange. talking none stop. I believe this is going to be one of the many to be a great follower of Christ.

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1:09 AM

Monday, January 15, 2007

The moment of the day. I was so excited for school. I think it would always be the same for everyone first time in school. Today was an orentation day for me. I told God that it's gonna be a 100% study hard, 100% forcus, 100% striving for my study and ministry in school ( out reach). Full filling the great comission. I want to be notice by my class so as to actrate them to build a serious friendship. Everything start from small. slow and stady. S. O. W... thats right!! Today me eyes was sharp hunting for active living oganisum. Indeed thank God for leting me find 2 ppl. They are Melvin and Seng. Both of them are young at heart. We started our conversation and it as very fruitful. among the class, we are the 3 noise once. Now God u are listening....amen. Praise the lord we manage to have our first outing to chinatown.

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12:56 AM

Monday, January 08, 2007

I just got back from CG. It was pretty enjoyable. Today we had Ting Feng licking Kenneth leg. The leg was dam hairy!!! lol Yet we have a prave hero Ting Feng in Central being very couragious coming out from is own comfort to full fill the challenge. =) i would like to up load the picture took but can't upload yet. Sad sia. I thank God for the fun we had, the born we treasure.

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12:48 AM

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Today is the first time i mat with the West Gang ppl. They are Jorris, Windef, Hong Siong, Grace and one more i forgotten.. haha. We went for an night supper, indeed it was an great fellowship. GUess waht we had?!?!? Roti prata... we ordered more then 3 eggs prata, more then 3 cheese prata, 1 paper prata, 1 black spider and 2 holack dinasor and other more which i can't remember liao. Thank GOd for the friends around me... Its a blessing. Serving God with Joy!!

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12:38 AM

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Humble 2007
I just want to be very very humble. Can i?!?!? I want to be very very humble before all living creates and living man/God. I'm nothing at all but God make me into something. Give Thanks To My Father.

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1:42 AM

Bottom Heart
Now im able to stand tenacious with God when there are no one around for me to share my pain. I will not give in for man anymore. It had been a month i never blog. Those moment, i us burn out. Tiredness just couldn't take me away. I felt the lack of energy i had. I'm so weak during those period. Not spiritually but physically. Praise the Lord, he is "Johoreh Shammah ( The Lord is ever present)" I kept on praying for it finally, my mind are more alert now. Before i end end my speech for 2006, i would want to thank God for be my Johoverh Rapharapha ( The Lord our healer). At the very last battle for 2006 to reach for souls, i was eventually badly fallen ill, it was so much an amaze. He save me the day after i was badly ill until i felt myself couldn't do anything much. I learn how to pull through till the end. It was not easy yet joyful after all. Father I thank you for 3 more new members in Central. I thank you for the grow of bond in Central too. Ppl don't use to see it, but lord i see it, i felt it. I want to make a diffrent for you. Im not like any other ppl that get a good education or a good knowledge/ skills. I'm simple a normal person, without much knowledge in history, skills, speech. Im' simple a normal guy, wanted to know u more than anything on earth. Thanks for teaching me to lead, guide, guitar. Year 2007, im praying for my peace with you in everything i do without depending on anythings or ppl but u alone, to love ppl as how you love me.

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1:05 AM

God Heals me...
5, 4, 3.. 2... 1..... the year 2006 had now been the past. If i reflect back, it had not seem to be an easy year for me. Even at the aftermost to welcome 2007, i was discipline by the Lord. His love for me does not want me to become a spoil brat. Proverbs 3: 11-12 "My son, do not despire the Lord's discipline and do not resent his rebuke, because the Lord disciplines those he loves, as a Father the son he delight in." Guess what?? I was discipline in placing my security wrongly. I felt that my whole life was diddled away with God. I could had get to perceive him even better. I had place my security in the growth of my group, ppl and success. I broke down in my heart. How could i think in that way. I repented. Now there where so much peace in my life. Im able to live a real self and not hiding away from myself. A very basic and fundamental issue may turn us away from God in the way that we just didn't know. Lets keep the word strongly in our life, and we will never easily get defied by anyone, anything or even ourselves. Isaiah 55: 2b- 3a "Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare. Give ear and come to me; hear me, that your soul may live." I'm grateful to have you Lord. =)

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12:03 AM

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The 8 wonders.

Hey guys this week i got some fantestic testi going around. Wanna know you got to continue reading.... Recently Sentosa is chosing from diffrent Bidders Proposal all around the world. If you notice the news well, u will surely know the difffrent fixtures of building. One of it is call as " The 8 wonders" . After knowing the news, i suddenly remember that i got 8 wonders too. James " 8 wonders testimony." HA!

1 discover...

One night as i was traveling home, i mate my sec school classmate. She is a working adult now as an full time adminstrator. When i know that, i was so amaze. Her age is 18, same age as me, moving faster then me now. I am just a student of a ITE student waiting for result. When we get to saw each other, I kept on asking about her life. She share to me that her life now was so tough. She got an boyfriend which have been together for 4 years. Her boyfriend was at the same class as me too in the past. As we get on our conversation, Notice that waht makes her want to work is because of her finance was so tide. She doesn't came from a rich family. so, she needs to pay her own hp bills, earn personnal allowance and helping the family to pay bills and bills. Her boy friend wasn't studying too. not even went to ITE after gratuated from N level. This guy was actually not bad, as he can get good result. BUt just because of fiancial issue, he could not get his 'N' certificate. Without a 'N' certificate, can say that u couldn't go anywhere but wait for NS. HIs four years was so corupted. After knowing all those mistry life they have, My heart felt worry and concern for them. I though back my memory, thanking God for accepting me, when i called apond him. I know that my life is in well plan by the lord, I know that even if i get in to the same situation as my friend, i will be able to stand firm. God's love to me is so maraculase. His words of afirming, can makes me feel save. Im now more treasure with what have then asking for more. Thank God for passing by my life, to set me free.

others 7wonders will be coming in a few days..

To be continue.....

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1:41 AM

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Battle is over...

This month is such a crewer month. My group have been stack in growth. I have been seeking the lord all days long. I thank God that he have been identify the needs of my group with me. The ppl have been lack of faith and confidence in creating hearvest. The Godly spirit is getting weary. The harvest is here but the workers are few. My leaders had shown me about what's my weak point are and I started to equipt myself more in the WOD, my speech and guitar inorder to prove more spiritual admosphere. In order to deciple myself not just speak words but no action, i had sign up courses, reading litriture book on "spicing up your speaking" and bought a guitar with weekly training by a teacher. I started to declare a fasting and praying with my DMM first. I know that if i want to ask my ppl to move with me, i got to move first. We may face trouble in the world but with God he will solve all troubles John 16:33. GOd uses problems to:

Direct Prov 20:30,
Inspect James 1:2-3,
Correct Psalm 119: 71 -72,
Protect Genesis 50:20
Prefect Roman 5: 3-4

us. I get to know that i have been worry too much. It seem like i have taken God's role. Wanted to allow blessing to come now, but indeed this is not what i can decide. He will bless according to his timing as I just need to do my best. Thank U Lord you have let me put my stress down. Ha! Amen.

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11:51 AM

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fathers Role

I feel so love by my Father in christ. What to know why? Hey i am going to start.... I get to identify with him about how i can serve. My house kept 2 salt-water marine aquarim. Management of a aquarium (fish tank), its not an easy task. My mum and i got to wade through the laybor of the chemical bottle. As each bottle funtion diffrently in an unexpected timing of the natural fish. Every time my shadow loomed above the tank, they dove for cover. They showed one emotion which is fear. As i opened the lid and dropped in some food, they responded to each visit as a sure sign of my designs to tortue them. I could not convince them of my true concern.

To my fish i was deity. I was too large for them, my action too incomprehensible. My acts of mercy they saw as cruelty; my attempts for healing them, they viewed as destruction. Sometimes i just though, if i would have become a fish and speak to them as they could understand. I started to wounder if we are the fish and the Lord is our master in order to keep us save and health, he try to feed us by his word, heal us by giving testing for our life but we just would not understand his form of action for us. Now I get to identify how would my father(God) will feel when i just couldn't apprciate what he has done. Secondly i get to have more patience to see the hearvest come, as i continue to feed( do sow) the fish (the contacts). One day they will understand its not a harm but a way to heal their life .

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11:40 PM

Friday, October 13, 2006

C.West Chalet

Hey... Guys do rest well. The 3days 2night Chalet have been so successful. Ha! All thanks to the good team work you guys have together. Getting a forcus is so much important. Do you know that we have 31 over friends coming along from diffirent campuses and courses!!! YES is 31++! We have hit our goal!!! Are you happy about it? we form an unit event?? Ha, this is an great start, to build a bounding with our new friends. Hopfully those that came for the chalet will be sow well after the chalet too. YEAP! waiting to see them coming to know God too. The event was so actrative, that new ppl was still flowing in during the second day. Yap! until now i still couldn't get the confirm amount, so i need the help of everyone of you to report your amount of friends came to your CL. All of you have been such a great social monster. I love every part of the programme. Even though our amazing race was canceled off but i think that we can reconize your hardwork affect put in. WELL DONE! We were just being very tired after the first night. The Bone Fire, wow I love it, from "Bone fire" become "BOOM with Fire". HA! Lets give prayer to God. All things doesn't come easy, but with a prayer can make a big diffrient. All honour to the Lord. Amen.

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9:06 PM

No words can describe...

Today 13 Oct 2006... The walk with God have been very adventurious. Its almost 1 year more I have been serving for God. Its going to be 2 years of my converstion. Life have been so much different, ever since i have been following God. My desire of wanting to meet God, it seem so urgent. How much can i move forward to be better each time. When can I seriously being always an obedience boy in following God's way. So imperfact am I, as a "leader", which i really don't care about the name but just wanting to be with God(Jesus) always. I know that Jesus is always welling to accept me no matter what kind of human i am really. My leader have always been wanting to help me to be come more understanding in God's teaching. Wanting to help me in my desire to serve God. At times I just couldn't move vibrantly. Unable to understand. Everytime I have been remained by my brand "speak what you say". I have not show much in want I really want to do for God. My knowledge stop? My faithfulled charter gone? Wanted to move but seem fail to move quick enough. I don't like the feeling in the role im doing now. I don't like the relationship that was being right now. God I want to be good socialable leader with leader. I want to see changes and improvement. I'm so glad to be with the lord, when i know that i can be move on under him, he is the one that shows me patiencly where i should go and give me time. I know where God want me to move on for him, but i just couldn't feel where/how leader want me to be. BUt I know that all this is leader love and compation. I feel so close with you Lord. Thank you so much.

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8:09 PM

Thursday, October 05, 2006

CL- Ship Camp

Wow CL - ship Camp finally is here again, to add strength as well as to reless the power of God's message so that, we as leader will be clear where should we go. Most importantly is to expect changes. Personal changes in the heart, mind and skill. Indeed I had list out some goals too for this camp.
1. Able to lead with diffrent leaders
2. Learn how to lead girls
3. A strong heart of leadership
4. Expirence changes.

Through out the camp, I would like to affirm Alvin and Sam. For Alvin, a brother who is so loveing/serving. He has been a very welling brother without any grambal. During meal time, he went around the house to distribute food. After that, he even ask us, do we need drinks. He ate his meal after we ate finish. Sam a very loving brother, his caring spirit and mobalising spirit are so strong. First look at him, he seem to be a serious and urgent but eventuarlly after relating with him, he is so relising in handering minstry and life very well. I get to learn alot from this brother. Misson trip is coming looking forward to work with you more.

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10:57 AM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Inspiring U for a better tml


Befor speak LISTEN, before write THINK, before spend EARN, before pray FORGIVE, before quit TRY.

I Found Everything...

In the searched for me, i discover the truth. In the search of truth, i descover love. In the search of love, i discover God. And in God i descover EVERYTHING!

Just sail in life....

As we sail through life don't avoid stroms and rough waters. Just let it pass. Just sail. Always remembers calm sea never make skillful sailors.

About struggle...

The most important in any games is not to win but to take a part. Similarly the most important thing is not about triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.

Mistake R lesson...

When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into mind and then look forward mistake are lesson of wisdom. The pass cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.

People never forget...

Ppl will forget what you said and did, but ppl will not forget how you made them feel.

Treat anyone as special

Begnning today treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do itwith no though of any reward.

Today is a new day! Many will seize this day. Many will live to the fullest, so let the one be you too!!! Lets start it today!

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8:43 PM

Friday, September 01, 2006

New Faces

It was a meaningful weekend. Central.West we went for our "romantic dinner" at the Explanade. Ha! We uses the "take away" form for the food that we bought and went up to the Explanade cealling.When we reached the Explande balcony, we can feel the breezing wind pass by our faces. We where so refreash by it. Am I too extravagance?? haha! It was indeed a spacial gathering, as we had a stupendous talk within crossing gender. The bearers was gone. Even starting with an introduction can be jocose. Laughter was spreading around like virious expending so fast within. There are so much to share about the happening time we had, but who make it so meaningful?? I wounder? This fallowship would not be so efficacious without those who have work so hard for the lord. I started notice that a stable group is good but its not ok. We need more ppl to join us! It's only when there are new faces, then we can share more joy. How you think???

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9:07 AM

Monday, August 07, 2006

Faith turns everything

This was a 3 Auguest testi. A boy who have just a small faith like an master seed, turns mans fearfulness into an passion. Just because for a word called "LOVE". One week contiunous 4 converts. God multiply his decentance. He knows that it was the lord who answer his prayer. The joy was flow out from within. It even flow to the ppl around him. He wasn't a recornize pastor, he was not fluwance in speech or is he a very knowlegetable person. God sees his heart and his character. A person who is humble, faithful and obedience to God. No matter where he go convertion can happen! In the MRT or bus. 1 convert from school, 2 from Mrt and one from bus. Amazed! You too can be one of him, as long as we capture firmly what the lord have for us and work on it hard. Miracle can happen any place, any time. This boy is Jun Hong from DI. An good example i can learn from. Thank God for it.

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10:22 PM

Sunday, July 16, 2006


O yes.. today is the water baptisam day. DI have 6 new baptis going to baptism. Praise the lord. 6 old souls had gone and 6 new souls have come. Before the afternoon event, I had time of fellowship with some of the leaders. We went for an beach kayaking, during an hot summer! The time was enjoyable, it let me notice that, its a good time to have fellowship with our ppl before water baptisam. It can build a very nature relationship. A good time to spend time one on one, an DMM gethering, an cg hang out time. To create an homely bonding enviroment in our church minstry. This few month I had been spending time with potential leaders. I had caught some of the leadership skills from them.. haha. Like the heart of serving with joy, the diffrent direction in looking into soultion of dicipleship ways, Interpersonnal commudication skill. Thank God for being my provider. O ya... I met an swiss girl... she seem lost. My first approch to an swiss ppl. What kind of laugh do they speak? What kind of topic do they talk? What kind of things are they intrested in? Thank God that she speak english too, so there were not so much on langauge bearier. Indeed it was an good expirence to talk to well english eduacated people. I learned how to commudicate with them. I though it whould be hard, but eventually its not that difficate after stepping a step of faith. She was invited to have an kayaking and to the water baptism too. My first expirent in leading an forientner the whole day, as she was invited to kayak and water baptism. YAp! And Mei Hwa she was the same age as you, so i will not be intrested. lol

it got me home
12:39 PM

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Wow! Up date camp, up date, up date... I was almost caught by a groups of wild dogs u know? Scary? I really appreciate the food com alot. You know why? The camp was full of joy, fun, loved, spiritual filled and touching moment. Want to know what happen? Who is the one started and ended it all? Yes!! Its DI 1st Evo camp, which is held by Dians on the ITE July holiday. Out 1st day was started with an exciting event the "crazy franzy", but i was not there. Sad. You want to know why?? Yap i was signning in the chalet. It took me almost my whole morning till afternoon time. Running here and there, from chalet to office then from office back to chalet. almost 3-4 trips. But worth it la, helping the logistic to up load their equitment was enjoyable. Still the staff there gave a good service to me. I still manage to get a bottle of water, news papper and an unbralla. HA, I seem so cheep!!! hmm...

Finally Im ready to join in the fun... on my way I saw Vencent and Chen Wei. Cool. They where fishing..... When I reach there they had already caught one fish. That was impressing to me. Let's give a round of aplose to them! yah! The evening was fantestic. Really enjoy it. The most worth it. First time spending some moment talking to Raymond... he can be quite cheerful and nice to talk too. I tell you I really enjoy the fellowship time.. ha...mixing around DIans, and i really mean it... never felt like we are so close up before. Wow Im amaze.... Lala lolo lele together....

Can't forget the time with the Lord. our first DIANS BAND!! TETE TATA TETE TATA!!!! Hmm... noisy! HA! The present of God was so strong. yap... to confirm again... YeS! It was no longer at outdoor but we have it in the living hall. Let the music given be God, fill the whole place. Calling the present of the Lord to come is magnificent. Ppl heard the voice of God, and was responding to it.. me too my heart was aline righteously once again. During the second day, we where all touch by God grace and mercy. We have the objective for the camp.. yes thank God we had achive it. The afternoon was so touching... Our new brothers touch by the love of God in them and were cried out in tears, without hasitation submit to God. They got the fire buring HUGH! They are desprate to learn more and to do the will of GOd. It's Aussm. We shares our love to the NB. Giving the most honour welcome to them. Of cause never forget God. Using the phrise in the bible to touch many life of the ppl in camp, to send a message that their shepherd love them so much thet they are willing to go all the way down to serve in times of trouble through love. As how Jesus love us and serve us too, by sharing this to other too. The event goes on with hand printing... It send an message about the unity of each CG. We will go through thick and thin together truly. Lastly we have our 8 plages sincerly.

About the food. Actually I dont expect much from camp food, due alot of pass expirence. U know wat im talking about right! YAP! BUt u know what the food com serve more and even trouble of what we have expected it to be.. An simple lasi lo mark can be so yamee!!! It never fail to the kopitiam one. Ithe world number ONE!! First time too, by seeing that the food cant finish, it was over flow to mit night. CAn see the hard work they have make. Tell u the true it was all cook on the spot, it was't by bought. Even our morning breakfast..we do not just live on bread alone..sound fermiliar! Yes its in one of the verse in the bible. check it out yourselve. hehe.

After the PloyDI Praise and worship night, we went to Pula Ubin of our scary mission. HA.. We have a mission to complete, 3 clue to solve. We were given limited resorces. a packet of candles, 4 lantens and 2 maps. Cripy?!?!? I don't think so.... hehe. Yes the story of wild dogs happen during this trip. As my group was heading to our second clue, there was a very loud dogs fighting sound coming from 100m away. The teams stopped! It doesn't sound appropriate to move on. We where sound up by the message. As time pass by, more and more teams reach the same destination with us. I decided to go and have a check, by faith, I called some brothers along too. Yes.. Its time for Superman, Batman and Spiderman on our mission to save the people. 20m....50m... finally 99.999m. The sound was like beside of us.. A signer of "DANGER" seem to be infront of us! The sound was like heading towards us. Opps.. it really doesn't sound right, so we decieded to U-turn back asap. The sound became louder and louder(means: sound of a hugh banch of dogs coming) BAD, bad.... as we turn back, I could heard a dog wich is running towards us in an very fierce greeding. WE though that we could walk faster so as to excape from it, but it doesn't seem to have any help. The more we walk, the faster it run towards. A sign " STOP" was in our mind. True enough, as we stop walking, it stop running but walking toward... Even we couldn't see how many dogs there where, but we heard the dog was calling his friend out. Wow! The place we are at is noe in danger, red light is blinking, so we prayed. The most powerful weapon any man can use. yap! PRAY! After a few mins, thank God he saved us. The dogs started to dismiss.

Praise God, we had a great time in this camp. We end our camp with a sweet morning nap at the chelet after taking the first boat from Pula Ubin at 5am. It have been a memorable and fruitful one. Amen Ended it with the Lord Jesus Christ in our heart. Thanks him for everything he provided for us.

it got me home
12:49 AM

Friday, June 23, 2006

Let go my treasures in life.

(wat treasure most in me??)

His might love will see it through it all. I have been drawing closer and closer each day with him. He never let me be a slacker, but always strengthen me. My Lord told me not to cling on the things that I treasue so much let it get off, inorder to expirance the blessing he have plan for me. There is time where I really don't wish to let go, coz i don't want to miss out. So... my life just go as usure but as time passes, I felt very difficult to surve God. I have not dare to stap out a faith to trust him.During this period, I am really frick out. I called abound God again.... he told me the same thing..."You!! Disobedience son, let go, just let go, I will help you to take care of your treasure." So... I deciede to give a try, I let go finally. Letting go my menory, feeling, time and the most wanted friendship. I was struggling, big struggle. It was hard during this period, I have not been sleeping/feeling well. I got to see day by day how the things i treasure getting feather and feather from me, but I cling on with out hasitation. I know that it's want he want me to do. Truthly, I get much easilyer to serve him. I saw how he uses me to solve problems for his people, he teach me to stand firm in facing problems, he gives me changes to perform my telent, he teach me how to be a socialize Monster with people of diffrent character. HA!!! this is really a challenge. Come on ppl let hold on to his covernent. His heart is the angle that's gonna capture your freedom. His love for u will never cease. Lets confine in him. Guys, this is for eternality not tempora. I know that he is gonna give me back what I have lose, only when I really know how to love him and place him first in everything I have. Coz his love is for true.

it got me home
1:30 AM


There are somethings where words are not enough, to let me express on what i want to express.. the feeling is only Father can understand. When Circumstances comes it brought me down. I know that I need to be under God's Authority inorder to be save. The WFL class makes me gain alot. Wowow amazing... it just started and i felt so powered feel up. Ayha!! This is very important for leaders. now i'm always very detail on what im doing even everything i do, my plan, the decission I make. I'm desprate for the next class to come.. YEA YEA!! Aren't you excited for your class too?? what have you learn?? I want to learn from you too! Lets share Ba my brothers or sis>>>> During the class.. we have lots of fun.. HA! I started to learn spiritural staff with joy then seriousness.. Do i look serious at times?? hmm.. its time to mould my growth. I am looking around of what i can improve.. are you searching for growth too?? anyone.. lets evaluate me. thanks.>>>> I started to know how to relate with Nel. Relate with diffrent kind of ppl, this way can really improve my commutication style. Her ways of surving lord mimistry is so much joyful dispite her deciples done wrongly. Love was so strong. lt build into the people heart every moment not just like a bounch of workers but friends forvever.

it got me home
1:06 AM


It have been a long way walking with the Lord. I started to notice that time passes very fast. During this season anything can happen. Like last few weeks... never came into blog for God. I dont felt the passion of blogging, i just dont feel it. I can't felt to express out my feeling anymore. It's like a one still voice in my life. I dont feel like going to school, coz it never felt good. I wasn't able to communicate with ppl. my self-estimte droped. The unity of C.wset wasn't real enough, there is not much enpowerment. Exam. Dispite those things happen, I decided not to give up. Looking back on what i have promise to God. I need to get back the passion the, urgency calling out from the Lord JESUS CHRIST!!!! "God what can I do now!!!" i replyed in a prayer to God. "Help me to stay close with you!!!" I stand firm. "I want to be greatly use by you to impact the ppl around me of your name!!! Give it to me lord" I cried out. God is awesome, can anyone say aman! He show me alot of BIG vision BIG pictures. I was so bless by him. Always stand possitvely with Jesus is my key. To me Jesus is always the most trustable person. This week is the last class of ULC.... want I get to learn is more then what the ULC book have provided. I though of changing my craft by use to serve in God ministry. Do you want to know the craft? The strategy is "me" Not using my own strength and resources coz the battle belongs to God. As the devil try to rain distration, teach me lord how to defit it. I'm now in the battle with the lord. lets go to the every end of the edge.

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12:11 AM

Friday, April 28, 2006

I enjoyed my birthday with meaningful & happening things around. At the same day, my caregroup is celebrating for new believer joining God's big family on the 20 April. It was so much joyful to see ppl cross the line over from devil side to love God with me. During the night, my church’s friend coordinate with my parents to celebrate my birthday... hmmm.. . I know that it was what God had given to bless me during those times. They came down from different direction of Singapore, during the late night just to wish me a happy birthday. I appreciate their effect/concern for me. They are a punch of loving ppl to stay with. Indeed they are all my fellow DI brothers & sister!!!! Everyday seem that God is blessing me... Today I receive another belated birthday gives as well as a belated birthday greeting... Ha seem a bit funny right?!?!? My boss today tread me 2 meals. Quit a shocking to me. Anyway can save my money hehe… Contacts are responding, telling me that they want to know more about this God call 'Jesus'. New believer are telling me that he will put his effect and know more about God.

C.west ministry is growing.... The group I’m taking care of for God is improving.... We are going from 15 in to a unit size of 20 ppl, within a month. God is increasing in the numbers of workers. There is an assurance that he is with me & my ppl. Not by my own power but his. He is the omega... the beginning and the end. I’m now asking God to show me who is the leaders. How can I train them? The discipleship in C.west now needs to be strong in order to attract more leaders then follower. Amen!

School is reopening soon. Just have a long break of 3 weeks. Catching up well. Getting to do more on video shooting & 3D max now in school. I’m now currently taking driving license. Manual car, pray that I will be able to get my car license soon by passing my entire test in once. Hehe….

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11:59 PM

Sunday, April 23, 2006

t was an indeed a tired day. Early in the morning went to an mandrain service with some of my ppl to outreach on our NB's mum. HA, im not regrating, but am sharing my eagerness. You will be welling to take out any time for God, when you get to know your forcus and perpose God have for you. This mum first recation was having an hard harded heart. She was like telling me: " don't ask too much i just wanna know what kind of enviroment my child is growing." During the service, she just hack care everyone, looking blur. When a sister ask her about the sermon, she just don't said don't understand a sigle word. As the preachers continue to preach, I saw some changes in her. It seem God had spoke to her something. She stared to open up her heart. Indeed she actually understand the sermon. When the sermon ended, she put on a smile rush out with tears. Her hearts fulls with regrates. As one of the church sister speaks to her, she started to share to us her difficaties now she is facing. At first its not easy, there are alot of straggles but in the end, we are manage to sit down and share testi. Now, she allows her daugther to go church!! wow! It was so pleasing. Thank God so much. And now we are waiting for God to full her heart and show her more and more about Jesus. Blessing now flowing to her family. Praise God. Don't fear, don't be nervious, God can use you o speak to age of ppl, coz he is working more then u do. Thank God

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10:09 PM

Friday, April 21, 2006

Success with God anlighting.....
oday i went for an trip to East Coast.. guess wat?!!? It was an BBQ held by my sheep's Wu Shu CCA club.... They are all mixture of macpherson and Balestier 1st year intake.... Yam yam... I want to grap them all....hehe.. When we saw them, we started to build a strong relationship with them.. It wasn't easy at first but thank God that he break the ice for us. On that day, I started to notice this guy called "Ivan". After chating with him, notice that he is a sporty guy. Quit easy going, can relate with him, and we went into a topic. We had an great talk about sports at the BBQ area. Slowly, we started to preach in to christian topic. knowing that, he look intrested and we started to share even deep down about Jesus, but there were so many distrubtion when i wanna to ask him to receive Jesus, but in the end I can't carry out coz of some distrubtion lo... haha. 1st distrubtion: Taking photos. In my heart I say"why take photo" God help. 2nd distrubtion: Taking photo again "Okie lets take the last one." 3rd distrubtion: Smoking, called us to move aside but in the end never move.hehe. 4th distrubtion: all of them come and talk to us. 5th distrubtion: Jey say go home. In the end never ha..this is funny. We ask them to go and buy some snack.But in the end we decided to leave. God show me another way of communication, is on the way walking, but it fail again. Coz i forgotten to take my bag... half way the conversaion break, i went away to find my bag. Wasted.. i still though i can ask him on the way but it fails. But i still dont wanna to give up, I prayed to God again to show me a way. Thank God in the end, we took a cab. though that I could share with him on the cab but someone disturb again... guess who?!!!? HA its the Taxi uncle, he is an Chrisitian too. He was so friendly, tat all the way till we alight, he was talking to us. My heart was so angry haha.. thinking of saking uncle to keep quit first. I even tough of telling uncle that im sharing christ, hope he can just keep quit for a while.. But in the end i didn't, I think we must be more wise to do things. Lol. In the end.. fail... Didn't really can convert him. I felt so depress.. thought that its the end, but it wasn't.. God show me another way.. Its through phone convertion.... When i reach home, my phone called. Its Ivan!!!! I was so desprate and have an talk with him. HA we satertedto enjoy each other conversation. Then i believe boldly that its time, can ask him if he would like to receive Christ. Boom!!! GOd ans prayer. He Accepted and we prayed on the phone. Wow it was a great breakthrough in desireing for God. He ans my prayer to have week days convert, believeing that every day is easter day. Ppl can actually receiving Christ too any place any where. Waited for so long finally God show us a way and show me our(Central) mistake. We didn't forcus on one on one relationship building. In the end work so hard but ripe a little. Thank God that he show me our(Central) mistake and now this two weeks before April really end I know what is my forcus for Central.West. We are going to ripe a big heavest!! I'm so excited.. Chiong AH!!!!

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8:56 PM

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

he ULC couse was this monday was so impacting o me. I learn alot, and get alot of new teaching. I started to ralise that, actually there are still alot more that I can do as leading a big zone. I started to understand more of wat's my role and my objectives. I thank God for pulling me up every time when i fall, he never ever pull me down to his feet. I'm so eagerly waiting for the next classes to come ha! O by the way it was my first time getting to the church office. Ace and I nearly get lost as we where tooking a cab down thank God that He show us the way as we prayed to him, and we are able to reach without missing any important notes. It was a good expirence.

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9:11 PM

Life together
ow great was it last fri.... We are have a good time of catching up along with each other crossing CG Zone. HA! Congrates to cheryl get an tope student award in the "N" Level strem. Even congrates to Xue Qi one year older ya! Do you love the plan for your birtheday ha!!! It was so memorable. One celebration after another that day. I started to see how a zone can be, its not only meeting up for cg or service but its doing life together in the Kingdom of God. Of couse didn't forget to share the gospel of God that day. We where in Yishun Secondary, and we mat some new friends 1girl 2guys.... surprisingly, I saw all of them where doing SOW. Ha! Jun Hong amaze me again!! you know what.. he shared and give life testimony about God(Jesus) to the contact. There was a great sprirtual moment, as i saw the contact was listening faithfully.I saw my sheep how he get to understand ppl chartacter and talk to them in a very unique way. The west girls was not bad at all too, they are able to entertain the contacts within a few sec, getting along very well. One of them even celebrate Xue Qi birthday with us too. WE have a shot meal together too and hopefully this coming easter they will be able to come out and know Jesus.

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8:48 PM

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sharing the Gospel
am chellanging my ppl after the church prayer meet previous day. Chellange to share God's gospel everyday! I had done a personnality test. D.I.S.C. I am a "I/D" personnality. A person use to ask ppl to do but he himself got do but never do much. I want to come out from this unfaithfulness. I want to have a breakthrough in this! This week, I challenge myself to share God's gospel to none-christian. I am serious and stand firm in my decission. Finally, thank God I made it!It can be done!! From the "small Canteen" to "KFC Auntie" till "Taxi uncle". Lets start by small to tell auntie and uncle that "Juses love you" after buying somethings from their shop! I shared to 5 ppl and tell them that "Jesus love you", no matter wat age from young to old. Lets join in this race with me! So how bout you? Have you know wat God really want you to do in this world?

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2:04 PM

How's his group.
od had been faithfull. He blesses C.west after going through lots and lots of trainning time. Trainning to become more faithful, more courages, more commited, more relay on God, more trust and more patience to grow this kingdom. West have one convert. One more CG birth out. Veronica have a breakthrought in her faith and excited in God's ministry. Jun Hong Having more trust in God. They saw mirical and was shared all over the CG. I feel it, the feeling that God's present is with us. During the last few weeks, we(Central) can't really see much happening but, yesterday service we finally hit our goal of 2 visitors. Sad thing to say we almost have a convert but because he would need to leave for his work and like to ask his parent for permisson he didn't. Our time was short!! Its not the end yet, he will becoming for our CG next week yap!!! Gonna help him to slove his great worry by God's grace. Let's pray and submit to God. Things are moving we are much more closer to achive our april goal to honour JEsus!!! Central lets share GOd's gospel eveyday....

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11:29 AM

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Survey Today, after and before
ey ppl, faithful servent of God. Today i went with my group to out reach on the secondary. Finally we had finish with the ITE. Our journy was tired but faith filled. HA! Funny, as i went to photo copy the survey form tody, suddenly i found out that i forgot to bring my wallet, but thank God, Jun Hong was my big helper. Anyway, that was just the begainning of the happening day. WestSpring, a school that we are going to spring clean. lol. Thank God we went there early without missing any oppchunaity to sow. The student was respondsive and good to speak to. I dont really expect we can get so well responde cos its a fri, school will end early but it was out of my expectation, we stay down there for 4hours to finish our survey. Then, we went to Zheng hua Secondary school which was only next to WestSpring Secondary. They were having their sports day at CCK, so my group and i, went to the CCK stadiam. So all the way faithful servent, even its far away, we still manage to catch the burning fire of the school. HA! thank God once again, we are manage to Sneak in to the studiam, but in the end we was still caught by the teacher. Ha! amazingly, as we told the teacher of wat we where doing trufully, he allow it and we almost able to grap hold one whole class of "N" Level student!!! We are looking for more and of couse dont forget the S.O.W. At the end we took 5hours to wait patiently for the rabbit to come out from their forest and catch them one by one. HAHAHA! Hunter get ready

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1:59 AM

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ere am I going to share about how I grow stronger with God, in my spiritual as well as my physical life. When I’m a young believer in DI, my personality was a joker. Love to tell joke while talking with people. A guy who was shy to share testimony too. Always use to hide away. Nothing would be good from me, even if I’m welling to share a testimony, its going to take long time. Remember the longest I can share is 30mins to 45mins. This shows that how poor my speech can be. There was also a period that I don’t use to read bible too. I will just felt very sleepy while I’m reading it. Through out all this negative side of me, some things push me to move on to continue serving God’s kingdom. It a heart, a welling and desire heart for God. To let him use me, to changing people life. It’s all about how much I trust and love God, which pushes me to be welling to change, in my character. Not to be sleepy but enjoy reading the word of God. I prayed almost every day, even every time as I took out my bible to read. Learn to be determined. And of cause I even learn to show God that I want to grow in my speech, vocabulary as well as the grammar, leadership skill by writing down, checking dictionary, seek every opportunity to improve myself.(eg: sharing of testi, taking some small role.)

After all the spiritual battle, I even went through physical battle too. There was a time where my shepherd back sided. It was a really great challenge for me to guide my heart right. There will be surely had emotional pain, letting go of friendship and etc, I had to face. I need to keep on reminding myself, and even need God to guide me overcome it and even knowing my goal and vision with God. Thank God that now I’m able to let go of this friendship, because I had known the purpose and the reason why I’m here for. It’s all because of Jesus, I’m living for him. It’s he who gives me all the blessing; it’s him who wants me to go through all this testing so I will be able to grow well as well as to get a better life. Like a pot of flowers, in order to grow well/look nice, it needs to “pxxxx” way the dead leaves. Jesus is like the gardener and we are the pot of flower. I’m so thankful to God that he moulds me to grow as an adult now. The great battle in our life it’s not the world or evil spirit but it is we, ourselves. I have started to trust in God, while I’m leading now; it’s never difficult to grow as a leader, as long as you are welling to let him take control in all circumstances. I would encourage you brother and sister to grow. Dar to take up the role of leadership as a shepherd or a care leader, because I have seen how God’s blessing pour down to me as I serve him whole heartedly. I’m now more joyful then before. Last word for you. Do you still trust in Jesus!

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10:21 PM

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Desire outreach
ey... The game was fun.. thanx to the game master ho.!! hehe... WEll?! Even i was one of the loser but really enjoy the time we had together. It was actually a gals event but 2 of my friend and i join in.. and of couse can't forget my sheepy too. ha! We are the only guys around 5 guys only le.. Can't forget, when we reach the fountain.!.! Aha! Veron was caught as a birthday gal.. he All the sentac ppl noticed as it was annouct through the loud speaker with the high tecnology laser projecter, it show a sentance of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I bought a friend which looks like Korean guy yo. Hmm.. he did have fun too.. and is looking forward to another event. Thank God that it was a not successful but VERY successful outreach/relationship time. Im excited for the lunar dinner on fri night. I started to love serving with God more and more now. HA! Amem. ^-^. CL ship is no longer a stress or on time to serve. My desire is not a seed but its going to be a tree producing many seeds.

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12:01 AM

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

1st Prayer

After the Thailand pastor preach last sat, it inspire me a lot. His testimony is the highlight for me. Can u imagine, When your none believer friend and you are going to be late for school, just do a simple prayer, to ask God for a car to drive you to school and it appear infront without knowing why, you went up the car for the destination you are heading. After that situation, you never saw that car again. Of cause there are more testimony shared during that service. My desire is burying furiously, as school is reopen, all the first year intake is joining with me. HA! Very excited, coz i would like to share God's testi/miracle to none believer. Even show them God's miracle to them. After the service, my group we went to a contact birthday BBQ. That day was very important, all our new believer were there. Its a good time to have a talk with them. My desire in prayer to God is high. It was around 8pm. There was not much time for us, I don't want my ppl to miss this opptunity. We decided to take a cab, but if u notice, in orchard its not easy to hired a cab. Especial on sat, the richest day for shopping, almost all Singapore will get down there. Not that all, we are having 5ppl, as a cab can only hold 4 passenger. I started to pratice the trust in God by prayer in faith without doubt, God showed us a taxi stand without anyone! Then we prayed, a short and strange forward prayer. As we open up our eyes, a cab came. I asked the first cab and it rejected to take us, just coz we have 5 ppl. At that moment, my desire and faith in God was not even drop 1% and the 2 cab came, i ask and guess wat?!?! The uncle allow to take us and it was a "Mercerdes cab". Praise God! My heart was burn up for God more.

2nd Prayer

2006 first day of school!! Wa im Looking forward! Coz i told God that im going to improve on my character and my out reaching heart. Not just that make me joyful, but the new intake give me a great passion. HA! Going to take care of them for 3 days le. Like a big brother taking care of his younger one, and of cause outreaching!!! There where not much worry or any burden in my heart that stops me. Its very much different from late year. Hmm.... so wat makes this testi interesting, lets continue to read forward. The day before school reopen, i set my alarm clock at 6.30am as my morning wakey wakey call, as i need to reach school at 8:30am. In case of any problem on the clock, I set another on in my hp at 7pm. The next day as i woke up, its 7pm. A time that i never expect myself to wake up. Half way my journey to school i decided to take a cab, as its really going to be late. Thing get even worst, can u imagine to hired a cab during the early morning at 7-8am, it seem no big chances. Then I did a prayer, a short and detail one. This time got a bit different, as i decided to pray like the tail pastor on last sat service. I pray God to send me a car to bring me to school, so when i open up my eyes guess wat!?!?! A cab came instead of a car without the stand"TAXI", which i hope it will. I still thank God alot.

3rd Prayer


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Zhong childhood
Age: 24
Full Name: Koh Zhong Huan James
Baptism Name: JAMES
Birth'Date: 20 April 1988
Water Baptism Date: 10 April 2005
Spiritual Baptism: Year 1999
Hope Church Conversion Date: 31 July 2004
Christian Conversion: 13 Nov 1999
Care Group: TS3
Ministry: Life
Unit Leader: Edison
Shepherd: Who else??
Ex Shepherd: Jeremiah, Joel, Hong Siong, Cedric, Donnie, Mei Hwa

CG Profile of 2007-8

Jia Shen(Pro)
Kok Tong(23 Feb 08 Congrates!!!)- N.member
Chen Wei(Ns confirm) - Fare well
Zheng Hui(NS confirm)-Stay
Zi De( Working)
Jeremy(Pro)-Water.B 2 March 08 Congrates!!!
Wen Cai(SP confirm)- stay
Stephen(NYP confirm)- Fare Well
*Max(8 March 08 WELCOME!!!)- N.Member
Vincent(NYP confirm)- Stay
Samson(NS confirm)- Fare well
Ronny (26 Jan 08 Congrates!!!) - N.Member
OWEN (April 08 Congrates!!!) - N.Member Joshua - Transfer (Welcome!!)



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    From GOD

    If you wander off too far, my love will get you home.
    If you follow the wrong star, my love will get you home.
    If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
    get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
    Boy, my love will get you home.

    If the bright lights blinds your eyes, my love will get you home.
    If your troubles break your stride, my love will get you home.
    If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
    get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
    Boy, my love will get you home.

    If you ever feel ashame, my love will get you home.
    If its only you to blame, my love will get you home.
    If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
    get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
    Boy, my love will get you home

    If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
    get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home

    Boy, my love will get you home
    Boy, my love will get you home

    To: James/ you/ Us